Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

All Bookings will remain provisional for 24 hours until your Booking Date is accepted and monies paid have cleared.  A ‘Confirmation of Booking’ email will then be returned to your email address accepting your Booking Date and will confirm a booking Contract between you as ‘Guest’ and us as ‘Owner’.  Any errors within the ‘Confirmation of Booking’ email must be notified to us as soon as possible or within 7 days of receiving the confirmation email.

This rental Agreement is between Meadow Lodges Boothby Ltd the ‘Owner’ and you the ‘Guest’ (individual named on the Booking Reservation form).  As ‘Owners’ we will accept your booking and issue a Contract on the understanding that this is a booking for holiday rental purposes only and limited to a maximum of 4 weeks.  Guests must be over 18 years of age at the time of booking.  The period booked will be confirmed by email within the ‘Booking Confirmation’ and cannot be changed, altered or exceeded unless the owner gives written approval.

The “Guest” (individual named who completed the Booking Reservation Form) making this booking for either Buttercup Lodge or Daisy Lodge at Meadow Lodges, Ponton Road, Boothby Pagnell, Grantham, Lincolnshire. NG33 4DH confirms authority and accepts responsibility on behalf of themselves and their party the following Terms and Conditions which are binding on all members of their party.

The number of people within each property is limited and must not exceed a maximum of 4 people as entered on the Booking Form (with the exception of one infant less than 24 months old occupying a cot).

The Guest agrees not to sublet the property or allow anyone to stay who the Owner has not previously accepted on the Booking Form as being part of your party without written owner approval.

Deposit/Method of Payment/Security Deposit

If your booking is communicated to us by email, we will enter it onto our online reservation system, which will automatically generate a Booking Reservation Form for you to complete and return.  All Bookings will remain provisional for 24hrs until a ‘Confirmation of Booking’ email is returned to you accepting your Booking date.

  • Deposit – If your Booking is made more than 42 days prior to your holiday start date, a deposit of 40% is payable immediately on booking.
  • Balance Payment – notification will be issued with a payment ‘Due Date’ 42 days prior to your holiday commencement. If you paid by credit or debit card, unless you have notified us to the contrary, you authorize us to use the details of the same card to settle the balance payment. If for any reason we are unable to take balance payment (or we cannot contact you to arrange for payment to be made) we will be entitled to treat the non-payment as your intention to cancel your Booking and you will forfeit the deposit you paid when booking.
  • Full Payment – For bookings made less than 42 days before your holiday start date, the Full Amount is payable when booking.
  • Security DepositA Security Deposit of £100 is required for any potential damage/breakages and will be securely held using your payment card. This will only be activated if after departure there are any issues or extra cleaning is required. Any charges incurred will be fully detailed, photographed and emailed to you.
  • Dates Change if more than 4 weeks before the ‘Booked Holiday Date’ and if the new dates are available, with a written request and at the ‘Owners’ discretion the booked dates may be changed. Any differences between the accommodation cost will be payable and a 20% administration charge of the original accommodation price will be applied.

No entry to our properties will be allowed without payment, in full, being cleared beforehand


The Lodges will be available to check-in from 4pm on the first day of the holiday and must be vacated by 10am on the day of departure.

Directions/Check-in Information

Full Contact and Check-in Information together with Directions to the Lodges will be sent approximately 2 weeks prior to your arrival date.  Should you have any concerns when you have read them please contact us via text or email.

Wood Fired Hot Tub Use and Safety Rules

  • The hot tub is strictly for guest use only whilst staying at Meadow Lodges Boothby Pagnell.
  • All guests must shower before using the hot tub and all traces of dirt, fake tan, make-up, moisturisers and creams etc., must be washed from your body before using the hot tub. Any action by you that necessitates the emptying, cleaning and refilling of the hot tub will result in a charge of £100.
  • Do not put any substances into the Hot tub i.e. oils or bubble bath etc.

If we have to cancel follow-on guests due to the hot tub not being available as a result of damages caused by ‘Guest’ misuse, then you will be liable for the lost booking revenue. Any charges incurred will be fully detailed, photographed and emailed to you.

  • Guests must not be under or appear to be under the influence of alcohol or any other substance whilst using the hot tub. Please be aware that the heat of the water can speed up the effects of alcohol.
  • Anyone who is on medication or has heart disease, high or low blood pressure, any serious illness or who is pregnant, should not use the hot tub without consulting their doctor first.
  • Children under the age of 16 are strictly prohibited from using the hot tub, unless under strict supervision from an adult at all times.
  • Do not dive, jump or immerse your head in the water as it increases the risk of infection (and you could drown).
  • The burner/chimney is protected by a guard and gets extremely hot, you should not make any attempt to touch the burner or touch the chimney. Please use the gloves provided and take care when loading the logs, opening and closing the firebox door as the main door gets extremely hot.
  • DO NOT use the hot tub for prolonged periods or allow or use the hot tub if the water temperature is over 40 degrees. If you feel unwell or dizzy seek medical advice.
  • Strictly no glass must be taken into the vicinity of the hot tub. Please use the acrylic glasses provided.  Do not use any electrical appliances near the water to avoid electric shock.

Guests acknowledge that the use of the Hot Tub is at their own risk and Meadow Lodges Boothby Ltd. will not be liable for accidents, injuries or death whilst using the hot tub.  This includes causes by misuse, falling over on wet surfaces, falling in or out of the hot tub, whether under the influence of alcohol, other substances or not.

No Smoking

Meadow Lodges accommodation and gardens/grounds is a No Smoking area.


  • Due to Planning Restrictions, consideration for other guests, neighbors and nocturnal animals, please don’t play any/loud music outside the lodges after 9pm.
  • We have a strict booking policy and do not accept Hen or Stag parties. Group bookings may not use the accommodation for parties, unscheduled celebrations or rowdy behavior.

Dog Policy Rules

Please note that Daisy Lodge is our dog friendly Lodge.  I am sorry we do NOT accept bookings with pets in Buttercup Lodge.

You are very welcome to bring one dog to stay with you in Daisy Lodge and enjoy the Lincolnshire countryside together subject to a few Doggy rules below:

  • A dog must be at least one-year old at the time of your holiday.  They must be friendly, well behaved and fully house and toilet trained.
  • Please do not leave you dog alone in the lodge or grounds unless securely crated.  We do have a large crate that can be provided if required (approx750mm long. 600mm wide and 700mm high). Please request at time of booking.
  • Please do not allow dogs on the sofa or chairs unless there is a cover in place.
  • Please do not let your dog in the bedrooms.  All bedroom doors must be kept firmly closed to prevent access by dogs.
  • A lot of guests like to walk around the gardens and ponds, children also like to run and  play in the gardens, so please ensure that you use the poop bags to pick up after your dog.  Dog waste should be disposed of in the non recyclable refuse bin.
  • We ask that you wipe down your dog if wet and muddy to prevent muddy paws throughout the lodge.  There is a Mud Daddy available for you to use.
  • The gardens are NOT enclosed and we do have livestock so please keep your dog on a lead within the grounds or on neighbouring walks/fields at all times.  Please make sure that your dogs do not worry the sheep/livestock in neighbouring fields. They are neighbours and we do not want to upset them.
  • Not everybody is comfortable with dogs, therefore please do not allow your dog to be any kind of nuisance to the neighbouring properties or introduce themselves to other guests without you as a responsible owner checking first that it is okay.
  • On departure, pet hairs should be removed using the vacuum cleaner available in the lodge to ensure the property is in the clean condition it was at the start of your holiday.
  • The interior and grounds of the property must be left in a clean, undamaged condition.
  • Please report any damages immediately so an amicable resolution can be found.

What we provide: Daisy Lodge Doggy Holiday Package

  • Dog bowls for food and water
  • Guide book for the best local walks
  • Dog basket with cushion (although your dog might settle more easily if you bring a blanket from home)
  • Large dog crate (approx 750mm long 600mm wide 700mm high)
  • Throws for covering the furniture
  • Mud Daddy portable warm water paw washer and a Towel
  • Dog treats
  • Extendable Lead
  • Biodegradable poop bags

Cancellation Policy


Please let us know if you need to cancel your booking as soon as possible.  Any cancellation must be made in writing by the ‘Guest’ (individual named on the Booking Form) to meadowlodgesboothby@gmail.com

  • Cancellations made more than 60 days before your arrival date, the 40% deposit paid on booking is non refundable.
  • Cancellations made less than 60 days before your arrival date the total cost of your stay is payable.

However, if we are able to re-let your stay dates for the full price, 80% of the booking cost will be returned.  If the dates have to be re-let for a lesser amount, 80% of the lesser amount will be returned.  A 20% administration fee will be charged in both instances.

We strongly recommend ‘Guests’ take out Travel Insurance Covering Any Eventualities to cover Inability of any/all guests to travel or take up your stay at Meadow Lodges for any reason Eg: Covid19/other Pandemic/Epidemic or any other illness, travel restrictions, Government Lockdown, unexpected personal circumstances or family emergency etc.

In the event that you have to cancel your booking you will not have the right to receive a refund for your booking therefore to avoid disappointment we recommend taking out a Comprehensive Cancellation Insurance Policy at the time of booking.

Meadow Lodges Boothby Ltd.

The ‘Owner’ reserves the right to refuse any bookings, or cancel any bookings already made should the property not be available for your booking due to issues outside of our control. We will give you as much notice as possible and will endeavor to offer you a suitable alternative booking date or if a suitable date is not available a Full Refund of all money paid to Meadow Lodges Boothby Ltd. will be refunded.  The ‘Owner’ shall not be liable for any loss/inconvenience or expense resulting from the cancellation and the maximum liability accepted will be the money paid by the ‘Guest’ to Meadow Lodges Boothby Ltd and no further liability.

In the unlikely event that we or a person on our behalf needs to access the property during your stay, the owner reserves the right to enter, however we will discuss the problem and give you as much warning as possible.

Guest Responsibility and Care of Property

Your personal belongings are your own responsibility during your visit, please do not leave property unattended or unsecured and always lock your car with valuables removed.

Guests are responsible and agree to take good, reasonable and proper care of the property, leaving all furniture and furnishings in a clean and tidy condition.

Guests are responsible for leaving the accommodation in a good, clean and tidy condition.

Guests to inform the owners immediately of any loss, major damage or breakage to any items in or around the property (however caused) allowing for any repair or replacement to be carried out, if possible, during your stay or before the next Guests arrive.

We would be grateful if any crockery/glass breakages or anything else we should be made aware of could be noted on the reminder board to allow for quick replacement on change-over days.

Guests are responsible for removing all refuse including food waste and recycling from all bins within the Lodge and putting it in the appropriate bins outside.  The council only require two collection bins, one Recycling and one General Waste.


If you have any queries or questions please don’t hesitate text or phone Sue on 07725041712 and she will try to assist.


We really hope you have an enjoyable stay.  However, any complaints or queries must be notified to us ‘owner’ by email to meadowlodgesboothby@gmail.com as soon as possible, giving us the opportunity to investigate and rectify the complaint.  It’s much easier to inspect and speedily resolve any complaint at the time during the holiday period.


Neither Meadow Lodges Boothby Ltd or any person acting on their behalf accept liability for damage, illness, accident or injury to any visitor caused by the use of the accommodation, hot tub, ponds, other amenities or wider grounds. Guests use all the facilities at Meadow Lodges Boothby Pagnell at their own risk.

Guests personal belongings are their own responsibility during their visit.  Meadow Lodges take no responsibility for lost or stolen items.


Any booking made with Meadow Lodges Boothby Ltd. requires the collection of personal information such as name, address, email address, telephone number and payment details, all necessary to allow us to process your booking made with us.   The information you provide to Meadow Lodges is held on a secure booking system.  We may use the contact information provided to inform you of any offers or news we think might be of interest to you.  If you do not wish to receive these emails you can ask us to remove your contact details at any time by emailing us at meadowlodgesboothby@gmail.com